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    March, 2024

    Top 7 SkyWorld Real Estate Projects (FY2023)

    SkyWorld is known as one of the leading real estate investors in Malaysia. With more than a decade of operation in this field, this “giant” has created outstanding marks with classy, luxurious and comfortable living spaces in the real estate industry. SkyWorld Real Estate Projects are not only architectural works but also have unique artistic features, bringing the best living experience to residents. Let’s explore the Top 7 famous and highly rated super products of SkyWorld in Malaysia.

    A few words about real estate “giant” SkyWorld

    SkyWorld is a familiar name in the Malaysian real estate market, not only a passionate investor but also a reliable partner through creativity, quality and a distinct vision for the future. Since entering the market in 2008, this investor has always operated according to the mission of providing homes of maximum happiness and comfort. They want to create a “world at hand” standard living space, where people not only come to live but also to enjoy and relax.

    Tổng quan về chủ đầu tư SkyWorld 

    In SkyWorld’s real estate projects, in addition to creating a classy living space, this investor also actively focuses on sustainable development factors. Modern technology and green standards are integrated into projects to minimize environmental impact. At the same time, SkyWorld also regularly implements social projects and strategies to contribute to community development and improve quality of life.

    Top 7 most prominent SkyWorld Real Estate Projects in Malaysia

    SkyWorld has affirmed its class and position through a series of impressive projects. Each SkyWorld project is a new story about modern life, where quality and creativity blend together to create the most perfect living space.

    Bennington Residences

    Bennington Residences is a SkyWorld project located in the heart of the Setapak area, one of the rare areas in Kuala Lumpur that is becoming the focus of the real estate market. Thanks to its prime location and low density, including a total of 2 towers with 580 apartments, residents at the project can easily access the transportation system, providing a convenient lifestyle and a prosperous lifestyle. . Bennington Residences offers a diverse range of amenities, providing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is the first housing project in Malaysia to own a 120m infinity pool, SkyLounge and SkyGym.

    Bennington Residences nằm ở vị trí đắc địa tại Kuala Lumpur

    Ascenda Residences

    Ascenda Residences impresses with its sophisticated and unique architecture. The buildings are designed flexibly, taking advantage of natural light, creating comfortable open spaces. Besides, the luxurious and modern interior system helps elevate the homeowner’s position. With a prime location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, residents of the project can move to commercial centers, schools, entertainment and other social amenities. Besides, this is also one of SkyWorld Real Estate Projects that focuses on sustainable development. The application of green technology, effective energy management systems and environmentally friendly materials are committed by the investor.

    Phong cách thiết kế ấn tượng tại Ascenda Residences

    Sky Awani Residence 2

    Sky Awani Residence 2 is a symbol of progress and sustainable development in the real estate industry. This luxury apartment project includes 2 towers of 39 floors and 44 floors, with a modern, luxurious design style and connection to the natural environment. In addition, the project also marks the appearance of outstanding amenities such as an infinity pool, amusement park, sports center,… helping residents at the project experience a multi-dimensional living space. , fully serving daily needs.

    Tầm view tuyệt hảo tại dự án

    SkyLuxe On The Park

    SkyLuxe On The Park is a luxurious and modern apartment project located in Bukit Jalil. The project has 2 towers including building A (44 floors) and building B (43 floors) with 477 apartments of diverse sizes, providing many choices, suitable for the diverse needs of residents. SkyLuxe On The Park possesses a rich and luxurious utility system from an infinity pool with beautiful, refreshing views to a spacious, flexible hall for various events and meetings. This is the characteristic of an exclusive lifestyle on a lush green park, opening up ideal space and eternal perfect views.

    Thiết kế độc đáo, sáng tạo tại SkyLuxe

    SkyVogue Residence

    This is one of SkyWorld Real Estate Projects with low construction density with a total of 333 apartments. This helps the project score points in providing a private, comfortable living space while still maintaining luxury and class. In addition, residents will enjoy a variety of amenities at the project, such as a forest garden, entertainment room, infinity pool, resort, gym, to meet all needs. entertainment and sports of each individual. In addition, the SkyVogue Residence project fully complies with the Green Building Index (GBI), which means it is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly project.

    Trải nghiệm không gian sang trọng tại SkyVogue


    At this SkyWorld Real Estate Project, the investor continues to focus on leading a healthy, active lifestyle and improving the quality of life of residents. The name of the SkySanctuary project comes from SkyWorld’s orientation with the desire to create a green home for residents, helping them escape the chaos and dust of the city. The project includes 2 towers with a total of 960 apartments with diverse areas and designs, to fully meet the needs and unique styles of residents. When choosing SkySanctuary, residents will enjoy the privilege of a quality, luxurious utility system from the spa, infinity pool, co-working space to green spaces such as parks, gardens, etc…

    Không gian xanh tại khuôn viên dự án

    Dự án Sky Meridien 

    Sky Meridien is a serviced apartment project located in Bandar Baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. The project includes 2 towers with a total of 780 serviced apartments, promising to bring a luxurious and classy lifestyle. On the ground floor and 8th floor of the project is the concentration of more than 32 diverse amenities, from saunas, water mazes, herb gardens, BBQ areas to infinity pools and Olympic-standard swimming pools. Sky Meridien is not only an ideal home but also a classy community with perfect, top-notch living space.

    Đẳng cấp sang trọng tại Sky Meridien

    Above is all information about outstanding projects of investor SkyWorld in Malaysia. It can be seen that SkyWorld Real Estate Projects not only demonstrate its commitment to quality and innovation but also reflect the unique creative style of this real estate giant. In particular, SkyWorld Vietnam is about to have a big boom with a super apartment project in District 8, promising to bring classy experiences to residents.

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