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    March, 2024

    List of 10 Reputable Vietnamese Real Estate Companies 2024

    In the real estate sector, choosing a reputable partner is an extremely important determining factor to ensure transparency and quality of projects. The continuous development of the real estate market in Vietnam has provided conditions for many real estate developers to expand their operations to meet market demand. In this article, SkyWorld Vietnam will introduce you to the Top 10 most reputable in Vietnamese real estate companies.

    Criteria for evaluating reputable real estate developers

    The credibility of a Vietnamese real estate companies is one of the criteria that most homebuyers consider before deciding to invest in real estate. A reputable developer will ensure that the project is completed according to the agreed schedule and quality, minimizing risks for homeowners or investors. To identify whether a real estate company is reputable or not, you can rely on the following criteria:

    • Financial strength of the developer: Developers with strong financial capabilities are like a “safety net” to ensure that their capital sources remain intact and to avoid situations where projects are frozen or abandoned due to financial issues. Therefore, developers with large scale and long-standing operations often have an advantage due to their stable financial strength.
    • Duration of operation of the developer: Companies that have been operating for many years in the real estate sector demonstrate that their business has been honed over time, and they have the experience to operate and handle risks, allowing real estate projects to develop smoothly and safely.
    • List of partners: One of the standard measures to assess the credibility of a developer is the entities they have collaborated with. The satisfaction of previous customers with the quality of projects and professionalism of service is an important factor for you to objectively evaluate the credibility of the real estate developer.
    • Legal status of the project: A reputable real estate company needs to ensure the transparency and clarity of the legal status of the project for buyers/investors, as well as provide complete information and documents about the project when requested by customers. Additionally, buyers/investors should pay attention to how the developer communicates and provides information about the project professionally to determine the competence and reliability of the developer.
    • Implemented projects: The reputation of a developer is also reflected through the projects that have been delivered and put into operation. In this regard, buyers/investors should consider based on the actual situation of previous projects, including:
      • Projects that ensure adherence to the schedule during implementation.
      • Customer evaluations of the quality of service and previous projects.
    Vietnamese Real Estate Companies

    Top 10 most in Vietnamese Real Estate Company

    Real estate investment is a trend that many investors are interested in. Unlike investing in bonds or stocks, owning real estate has the potential for significant returns with increasing value over time. If you are also planning to invest in real estate, below are some major real estate companies in Vietnam that individuals/businesses can refer to.

    SkyWorld Vietnam Joint Stock Company

    SkyWorld Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a member of SkyWorld Development Berhad – one of the giants in the Asian real estate industry, headquartered in Malaysia. With over 15 years of experience in this field, SkyWorld has created a strong reputation by developing a series of impressive projects and receiving numerous major awards for design, construction quality, and high value contribution to the country.

    High-end apartment project of SkyWorld Vietnam

    Although SkyWorld Vietnam entered the market relatively late, it quickly made a strong impression by acquiring 100% of the shares of Thuận Thành Production Trading & Real Estate Joint Stock Company. Along with exclusive ownership of high-end apartment projects by Thuận Thành, which is the sole legal entity, currently in the preparation process for implementation in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City.

    Thanks to the reputation and credibility of SkyWorld in the international market, the first real estate project in Vietnam by the company is also expected to become a significant breakthrough and not disappoint investors.

    Some prominent projects undertaken by SkyWorld include:

    • Curvo Residences
    • Sky Meridien
    • Sky Sanctuary
    • SkyVogue
    • SkyLuxe
    • Sky Awani
    • Ascenda Residences

    Vinhomes Joint Stock Company

    When mentioning reputable real estate companies in Vietnam, it’s impossible not to mention Vinhomes – a brand currently leading the real estate market in Vietnam. The predecessor of Vinhomes Joint Stock Company is BIDV Urban Development Joint Stock Company, established in 2008 with an initial charter capital of 300 billion VND.

    As a subsidiary of Vingroup, Vinhomes is known as the “favorite child” of this conglomerate in the real estate sector. The company currently holds the number one position in the Vietnamese real estate market with developments including construction, transfer, and operation of complex residential real estate projects in the mid-range and luxury segments.

    Moreover, Vinhomes developers always know how to create “shocks” in the real estate market of Vietnam with a series of quality projects such as:

    • Vinhomes Grand Park
    • Vinhomes Ocean Park 
    • Vinhomes Riverside
    • Vinhomes Smart City
    • Vinhomes Skylake

    Daewoo E&C Limited Liability Company

    Daewoo E&C is one of the top 4 construction conglomerates in South Korea with extensive experience and a longstanding reputation in the international market. As of now, Daewoo E&C has invested in and developed over 300 projects in more than 47 countries and territories worldwide, specifically in regions including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    Starlake West Lake urban area project

    In fact, the conglomerate has been present in Vietnam since early, 1996, through its branch office. By 2017, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Vietnam Co., Ltd. was officially established and began operating more vigorously and distinctly in Vietnam – one of the most promising real estate development markets in Southeast Asia.

    Some impressive projects that Daewoo E&C is currently undertaking in Vietnam include:

    • Starlake Urban Area, West Lake, Hanoi
    • Daeha Shopping Center
    • Korean Quarter – Koradise Meyhomes, Phu Quoc
    • Ice Jungle Snow Garden, Phu Quoc …

    Meyland Corporation – Tan A Dai Thanh Real Estate Joint Stock Company

    Meyland Corporation – Tan A Dai Thanh Real Estate Joint Stock Company is the 19th subsidiary of Tan A Dai Thanh Group. Meyland, the developer, officially entered the Vietnamese real estate market in April 2019 with the Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc project. Tan A Dai Thanh is heavily investing in various sectors including water solutions, metallurgy and household appliances, plastics, paints and chemicals, and real estate.

    With its position as a national brand of Tan A Dai Thanh Group and the available resources, Meyland is developing on a solid foundation with the motto “Bringing a better life to Vietnamese people” and has significantly contributed to creating economic value for the country.

    Prominent projects of Tan A Dai Thanh Meyland include:

    • Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc
    • MeyRessort Luxury Resort, Bai Lu, Nghe An
    • Dai Thanh Phu Quoc High-end Urban Area
    • Binh Thuan luxury resort, urban and seaside sports project
    • Dam Lieng Hanoi apartment project
    • Lac Long Quan Office Building, Hanoi
    • Commercial housing project Khanh Xuan, Dak Lak
    • Tan Hoa Commercial Building, Dak Lak …

    Charm Group Joint Stock Company

    Charm Group, a reputable real estate company, is known as a “newcomer” in the Vietnamese real estate industry, established in January 2020.

    Operating with a distinctive direction, Charm Group does not pursue a portfolio of mega-projects or impress with quantity but focuses on developing artistic projects with the aim of surpassing aesthetic values in the real estate sector, bringing true values of life to residents, and creating new standards of living for the Vietnamese people.

    Charm Plaza project is developed by Charm Group

    Although it has only recently entered the real estate “race”, the group has started off with large-scale projects such as:

    • Charm Plaza
    • Charm Resort Ho Tram
    • Charm Resort Long Hai
    • Charm City Vung Tau
    • Charm Diamond Apartments …

    Masterise Homes Group – Prestigious Vietnamese Real Estate Company

    Masterise Homes is renowned as a leading developer and a pioneering entity in the luxury real estate sector in Vietnam. The company gained attention with the launch of the Masteri Thao Dien project around 2014-2016. Owning the largest portfolio of branded residences in Southeast Asia, Masterise Homes has affirmed its international capabilities through partnerships with Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel group.

    Moreover, Masterise Homes has impressed by creating high-class architectural works with world-class quality and unparalleled experiences. With the advantage of holding “golden land,” Masterise Homes has stirred the Vietnamese real estate market with major projects such as:

    • Masteri Thao Dien Project
    • Masteri Centre Point Project
    • Masterise Waterfront Ocean Park Project

    CapitaLand Group

    The list of top reputable real estate companies in Vietnam cannot overlook CapitaLand Group. Established and developed for over 24 years, CapitaLand has introduced “masterpieces” into the real estate market with tremendous scale and become one of the leading real estate groups in Asia.

    Present in over 40 countries with more than 637 real estate projects across 200 cities, CapitaLand focuses on strong development in two main markets: Singapore and China. Additionally, the group is expanding into key markets such as Vietnam, Australia, India, Europe, and the United States.

    Some notable projects of CapitaLand Group include:

    • Seasons Avenue Project
    • Mulberry Lane Project
    • The Vista An Phu Project
    • The Krista Project

    TTC Land Real Estate Company

    TTC Land is under the management of the TTC Group – one of the leading diversified businesses in Vietnam. With over 20 years of operation in the market, TTC Land has successfully established itself as a top name in real estate investment and business in Vietnam.

    TTC Land's Jamona Heights project - Vietnamese Real Estate Companies

    Formerly known as Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Sacomreal), TTC Land has made its mark on the Vietnamese market with numerous projects and offerings such as apartments, townhouses, and villas. After renaming to TTC Land, the company expanded into new sectors such as commercial and leasing real estate, tourism-real estate, industrial park and logistics real estate, and real estate services.

    Some outstanding projects developed by TTC Land include:

    • Panomax River Villa Project
    • Jamona Heights Project
    • Carillon 7 Project
    • TTC Plaza Duc Trong Project

    Ecopark Corporation

    Ecopark Corporation, formerly known as Viet Hung Urban Development Joint Stock Company (Vihajico), is currently one of the top 3 most reputable real estate companies in Vietnam and one of the few companies pursuing the Green Real Estate model.

    With nearly 20 years of operation, Ecopark is known as a model functional city, pioneering the trend of Green Real Estate in harmony with nature, reasonable prices, integrating many top-notch utilities, and receiving numerous prestigious international awards.

    Some prominent projects that have built Ecopark’s reputation in the market include:

    • Ecopark Vinh Project
    • Ecopark Grand The Island Project
    • Ecorivers Hai Duong Urban Area
    • Sol Forest Townhouse Project
    • Eco Village Saigon River Urban Area

    BIM Group Company Limited – Vietnamese Real Estate Companies

    BIM Group is one of the largest and most powerful private economic groups in Vietnam, headquartered in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. With 30 years of operation, BIM Group has successfully established its brand with different directions.

    Vietnamese Real Estate Companies - BIM Group

    In real estate, while many investors choose developed areas, BIM Group chooses dry and barren lands and transforms them into modern urban areas and internationally standard tourism complexes. It can be said that BIM Group has continuously affirmed its position as a diversified economic group on the map of private enterprises and contributed significantly to promoting Vietnam’s economic growth.

    Some major projects that have made a big impact for BIM Group include:

    • Ha Long Plaza Hotel
    • Fraser Suites
    • Little VietNam
    • Royal Lotus Villas & Resort
    • Green Bay Village Apartment
    • Intercontinental Phu Quoc
    • Waterfront Phu Quoc
    • Marina Square Phu Quoc

    In conclusion, real estate is one of the most attractive investment products today. However, you need to thoroughly research important information about projects before deciding to invest or buy a home. Hopefully, the list of top reputable Vietnamese real estate companies that SkyWorld has suggested above will help you find the best quality investors.

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