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    March, 2024

    Overview of SkyWorld Quality Center Information

    SkyWorld Malaysia, a real estate development company, has truly succeeded in proving its commitment to delivering value, creativity, and sophistication in living experiences. Along its journey, SkyWorld has continued to raise the bar with the introduction of SkyArena Setapak, announcing the emergence of the SkyWorld Quality Centre – its first Quality Centre in Malaysia.

    The first SkyWorld Quality Center in Malaysia

    The groundbreaking ceremony marked another significant milestone for this real estate developer, solidifying its position as a rapidly growing investor receiving considerable support from customers and investors alike. During this important event, Dato ‘Sri Haji Fadillah – Malaysia’s Minister of Works stated, “SkyWorld is paving the way forward by inaugurating its first Quality Centre in Malaysia. I congratulate SkyWorld on their success in upholding their commitment to quality and professionalism by investing USD 820 thousand into this centre. I highly encourage other real estate developers to follow suit and contribute towards building a nation with a better quality of life.”

    SkyWorld is also one of the largest contributors to the RUMAWIP (Rumah Mampu Milik Wilayah Persekutuan) Housing Program in Kuala Lumpur. This government-initiated housing project aims to provide affordable housing for the people. The Minister emphasized, “I am also proud to note that SkyWorld’s affordable housing products adhere to QLASSIC standards, and the Ministry of Works together with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) will continue to fervently support SkyWorld in its efforts to elevate quality standards.”

    The real estate projects undertaken by SkyWorld consistently achieve very high QLASSIC scores, as demonstrated in the table below:


    QLASSIC Score

    SkyArena Sports Complex


    Ascenda Residences 


    Bennington Residences


    MSN Sports Complex


    SkyAwani II Residences


    SkyAwani Residences


    SkyLuxe On The Park Residences


    SkyMeridien Residences


    SkyAwani III Residences


    Datuk Ng Thien Phing, the founder and CEO of SkyWorld, declared, “As a responsible real estate developer, we always strive to deliver diverse products, focusing on prime locations and comprehensive amenities for both customers and investors. The SkyWorld Quality Centre represents a significant leap for us. It serves as a training and education hub for our staff, as well as a knowledge-sharing platform for SkyWorld’s consultants and engineers with university students, potential customers, and the public regarding construction quality in Malaysia”.

    The SkyWorld Quality Centre can be considered the benchmark for the construction quality of all projects meticulously curated by this developer. The centre symbolizes SkyWorld’s commitment to assessing QLASSIC and CONQUAS quality standards. Spanning over 1208m2, the centre comprises 10 operational zones including waiting areas, seminar rooms, and display areas showcasing various living spaces from living rooms, bedrooms, small gardens, balconies, corridors, kitchens, and bathrooms.

    With the current progress, SkyWorld is expected to make significant strides in its future projects. With over 130 quality land parcels in prime locations, SkyWorld will gradually transform the city, offering a quality and sophisticated urban lifestyle. For the latest updates on SkyWorld and their upcoming projects, follow the official website of SkyWorld Vietnam!

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