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    February, 2024

    SkyWorld – Top 1 reputable real estate investor in Malaysia

    SkyWorld is the leading famous real estate development brand from Malaysia. After 15 years of operation, this investor has affirmed its position in the real estate market with projects invested in modern, sustainable designs for residents. Please follow the article below to learn about the reasons why SkyWorld has become a reputable Malaysian investor, chosen by many investors and customers in the market today.

    Overview of SkyWorld Group – a reputable Malaysian investor

    Sơ lược về SkyWorld - Chủ đầu tư Malaysia uy tín

    SkyWorld, also known by its full name SkyWorld Development Berhad, officially entered the real estate market in 2008. This is one of the largest Malaysian investors to date. Thanks to creative design thinking, the ability to understand customers and seize timely opportunities, SkyWorld is on the path to outstanding development through key super projects and achieving impressive achievements at awards ceremonies. annual prize.

    SkyWorld’s outstanding projects in Malaysia

    With 15 years of experience operating in the real estate field, SkyWorld has set the motto of providing a perfect, classy living space for current and future generations of residents. These Malaysian investor projects are not only unique architectural works but also symbols of a modern, advanced lifestyle. Below are real estate masterpieces that SkyWorld takes care of from design to full utility systems.

    Dự án Meridien đẳng cấp, sang trọng của chủ đầu tư SkyWorld 
    • Sky Meridien: This is a commercial project with a scale of 780 service apartments, suitable for residents who are passionate about a modern and luxurious lifestyle. In addition to the well-designed and comfortable apartment design, on the ground floor and 8th floor of the project is a diverse utility system such as a sauna, water maze, herb garden, Olympic-standard swimming pool, BBQ area, .. This project is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a comfortable, relaxing but equally classy home, full of amenities, serving all daily needs.
    • SkySanctuary: SkyWorld wants to create a green oasis in the heart of the city, where residents stay away from dust and busy urban life. This is a great place to effectively relax and regenerate energy after a day of work and study. The utility system at SkySanctuary is designed with resort standards, from a beautiful infinity pool, modern gym to private work space, impressive entertainment area, helping residents enjoy life to the fullest. most complete.
    • Curvo Residences: This project is a true work of art, with the investor making the most of natural beauty to create a harmonious and peaceful living environment for residents. With the “Wabi-Sabi” philosophy, Curvo Residences is not only a place where residents can find a comfortable home but also peace and satisfaction in daily life.

    Impressive Awards

    Awards that SkyWorld has achieved:

    • 2015:
      • Award “Best Real Estate Developer”
      • Award “Special Recognition in CSR”
    • 2016:
      • Award “Best Apartment Complex”
      • Award “Best New Real Estate Developer”
      • Award “Special Recognition in CSR”
      • Top 100 “Most influential young businessmen”
      • “Green Project” Award
      • “Quality Project” Award
      • Award “Best apartment building project”
    • 2017:
      • Award “Best Apartment Complex”
      • “The Skyline” Award
      • Title “Best Sports Style Integration Project”
      • Top 10 “Asian real estate developers”
      • Award “Best Landscape Architecture”
      • Award “Excellent Gen Y real estate developer”
      • Award “Best New Real Estate Developer”
    • 2018:
      • Award “Best RUMAWIP Project”
      • Award “Best Apartment Complex”
      • Category Family – Friendly
      • Title “Financial Deal of the Year”
      • Award “Excellent interior design for model houses”
      • “RAM Blueprint” Award
    • 2019:
      • “All-Star” Award
      • Award “Excellent interior design for model houses”
      • Award “Outstanding Real Estate Developer in Malaysia”
      • Award “On Community Service Development”
      • QLASSIC government certification of the project
      • Category Family – Friendly
    • 2020:
      • “Top Real Estate Developer” Award
      • Award “Best profitable project”
      • Award “Excellent Public Architecture”
      • Award “Comprehensive real estate developer”
    • 2021:
      • Award “Excellent interior design for model houses”
      • “All-Star” Award
      • Award “Recognition for Landscape Design”
      • “The Skyline” Award
      • Award “Best Apartment Complex”
      • Top 10 “Asian real estate developers”
      • Kincentric Award for Best Real Estate Developer
      • “Top Real Estate Developer” Award
    • 2022:
      • Silver award “Excellent design in model house category”
      • Award “Skyscraper housing project” in Malaysia
      • Top 10 “Asian real estate developers”
      • “Top Real Estate Developer” Award
      • Award “Most Favorite Real Estate Developer”
      • Award for “Excellence in Venue Regeneration”
      • Award “Excellence in urban housing construction”

    A few words about the investor SkyWorld Vietnam

    SkyWorld và lễ ký kết tại Việt Nam

    SkyWorld Vietnam is a company owned by SkyWorld Development Berhad – a leading reputable Malaysian investor. This company is also known by its full name: SkyWorld Development (Vietnam) Company Limited.

    Vision, mission

    SkyWorld Vietnam operates towards the goal of becoming a “leading real estate developer” through focusing on building infrastructure, urban development and creating a prosperous, sustainable community. The investor is also committed to providing a classy, ideal home and a modern, luxurious lifestyle for not only the current generation but also future generations.

    High-end apartment project in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City

    SkyWorld Vietnam has entered the Ho Chi Minh City real estate market with its first super project in District 8. Specifically, on September 7, 2023, the media reported that SkyWorld Vietnam had succeeded. Acquired 100% shares of Thuan Thanh Real Estate Trading and Production Joint Stock Company with a total value of up to 350 billion VND. This deal has demonstrated this investor’s commitment to bringing quality, modern living space to the residential community in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City.

    This luxury apartment project is located in a prime location, highly appreciated by experts for its connection and circulation potential. Residents at the project can easily move to the city center and famous locations conveniently, especially the biggest advantage comes from Vo Van Kiet street – one of the main routes connecting the south. West of the city with the central area. The project is built on a land fund of 5,206 square meters, including a 24-storey luxury apartment tower. The investor focuses on building and fully arranging the utility system to meet all residents’ needs.

    Why should you choose SkyWorld as an investor?

    Những ưu điểm nổi bật của nhà phát triển bất động sản SkyWorld 

    It can be said that SkyWorld is one of the Malaysian investors that receives trust from many customers and investors in the real estate market. The biggest reason why this real estate developer receives many choices comes from the prestige and quality of previously completed projects. Super products all have the following outstanding advantages:

    • The design has a unique, modern and beautiful style, suitable for current housing trends.
    • Focus on sustainable development, especially green areas, in harmony with the natural environment.
    • The utility system is invested in a modern, complete manner, worthy of the class of residents.
    • Applying advances in science and technology to operate projects to optimize functionality and bring more comfortable and economical lives to residents.

    Above is outstanding information about today’s leading Malaysian investor – SkyWorld. This is a familiar name, the unit that owns impressive masterpieces with a unique, classy style, hard to find in any projects of other real estate developers. This reason has helped elevate the position of SkyWorld investor in the real estate market. Follow SkyWorld Vietnam now to not miss the latest domestic and foreign real estate news every day.

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