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    March, 2024

    Assessing the resilience of Vietnam real estate market in 2024

    The year 2024 marks a significant renewal for the Vietnam Real Estate market. Thanks to strong recovery along with sensible policies and planning, it has opened up significant potential for investors, customers, and stakeholders.

    Forecasts for the Vietnamese real estate market in 2024 are more positive compared to the previous year, owing to factors from the economy, policies, and consumer trends, specifically:

    • Stable Economy: The stability in Vietnam’s economic growth is a driving force behind the real estate market in 2024. A developing economy often correlates with increased demand for housing and real estate investment projects.
    • Infrastructure Investment: The government’s focus on infrastructure investment is attracting the attention of investors and customers, presenting significant opportunities for the real estate market in 2024.
    • Rising Housing Demand: With a growing young population and increasing income, there is a rising demand for housing, especially commercial residential projects.

    According to various credible sources, the supply in the Vietnamese real estate market in 2024 is recovering and showing significant improvement compared to 2023. The latest report from VinaCapital also mentions expectations for market recovery by mid-year. The decrease in mortgage interest rates after a sharp increase in early 2023 has contributed positively to successful transactions.

    Michael Kokalari, Director of Macroeconomic Analysis and Market Research at VinaCapital, believes that the real estate market has overcome its toughest phase, as there have been significant signs of increase in transactions for land and high-end properties in central Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi recently.

    Vietnam Real Estate market

    Real estate projects in the early stages of 2024 share common characteristics such as:

    • Developed and managed by reputable real estate investors.
    • Located in prime locations with excellent transportation connectivity.
    • Built according to high standards of sophistication and modernity.
    • Attention to a rich and luxurious internal amenities system.

    According to experts’ evaluations, potential development segments in the near future include:

    • Commercial residential properties, especially social housing and affordable housing: There is a significant demand from Vietnamese citizens, particularly in major cities, which is a major driver of growth in this segment. Additionally, government policies aimed at enhancing the construction and development of social housing and affordable housing to meet the needs of low-income earners have created a positive and favorable environment for the growth of this segment in 2024.
    • Industrial and logistics real estate: Demand for this type of real estate will continue to rise due to strong economic development as well as the increasing trend of infrastructure development in logistics. Experts predict that this segment will experience strong growth this year, providing many attractive and sustainable investment opportunities.
    • Resort and tourism real estate: This segment is benefiting from the rapid development of the tourism industry in Vietnam. It is expected that this growth will create significant demand for resort and tourism real estate. This segment is expected to undergo a period of positive growth due to the development of domestic and international tourism, contributing to the sustainable development of the tourism and resort real estate industry in Vietnam and offering attractive investment opportunities in this field.
    • In addition, other segments such as office real estate and commercial real estate also have growth potential. However, their recovery depends on various factors such as overall economic conditions and interest rate fluctuations. This underscores the diverse dynamics of the Vietnamese real estate market, which need to be observed and evaluated appropriately.
    Phân khúc BDS được đánh giá có tiềm năng phát triển

    Finally, when deciding to invest in the real estate market this year, investors need to carefully consider the following important points:

    • Before investing in the 2024 real estate market, thorough market research is the most crucial step. Investors need to analyze economic conditions, interest rates, and market management policies carefully to make the most informed investment decisions.
    • Investors should choose projects with complete and transparent legal documentation, certified by relevant authorities, and developed by reputable investors to avoid legal risks.
    • Understanding Vietnam real estate market management policies for this year is essential. The government is currently tightening real estate market regulations, so staying informed about newly issued policies will help investors make smart, accurate investment decisions.
    • Having a clear investment plan is one of the necessary steps for successful real estate investment. Investors must define their goals, timeline, and capital required to create a reasonable plan, mitigate risks, and achieve their objectives.
    • Furthermore, to avoid unnecessary risks, real estate investors should refrain from investing based solely on trends but rather rely on comprehensive analysis and overall market assessment.
    • Lastly, financial and legal aspects cannot be overlooked. Investors need to be financially prepared and have a clear understanding of relevant legal regulations to avoid issues and ensure compliance with current laws.
    Quyết định đầu tư vào thị trường bất động sản Việt Nam

    Above is information about predicting and assessing the recovery ability of Vietnam real estate market in 2024. Follow SkyWorld to update the latest and most accurate news about the real estate market .

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