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    April, 2024

    Overview of Tourism Growth Situation in Malaysia 2024

    In 2024, Malaysia has become a bright spot on the international tourism map with outstanding growth. This has proven the country’s unending appeal to tourists from all over the world. By welcoming nearly 29 million international tourists in 2023, Malaysia will not only surpass its target but also affirm its leading position in the region. Let’s find out in detail with SkyWorld the tourism growth situation in Malaysia in 2024!

    Some details about the tourism growth situation in Malaysia 2024

    Overview of Malaysia tourism growth after fully opening from January 4, 2024

    Tourism growth situation in Malaysia

    Malaysia has welcomed more than 1,000,000 tourists to visit the country in just a short time

    After fully opening its borders from January 4, 2024, Malaysia has witnessed a boom in international visitors, with more than 1,000,000 visitors in just a short time. This not only demonstrates the strong recovery of the tourism industry but also reflects accumulated tourism demand after a long period of restriction. At the same time, this attraction largely comes from Malaysia’s flexible policies and friendly tourism environment, which have helped the country quickly become a leading destination in the region.

    Malaysian government’s target for international visitors

    The Malaysian government set a target of welcoming 2,000,000 international visitors in 2024, and in fact the country has reached more than 50% of the target after just a few months of opening. With Singapore leading among countries sending visitors to Malaysia, along with growth expectations from the Japanese and Korean markets, Malaysia is aiming to not only meet but exceed its target.

    Malaysia’s success factors

    Number of tourists

    Compare international visitor numbers with other Southeast Asian countries

    Number of tourists in Malaysia

    Malaysia attracts many international tourists to visit

    Malaysia has emerged as a shining star in the region in terms of international arrivals, with a clear superiority over other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and even Thailand when counted. from the moment each country reopens. This difference lies not only in numbers but also in the speed of recovery and Malaysia’s attractiveness to international tourists.

    The reason for the remarkable increase in the number of tourists coming to Malaysia

    Malaysia has proven its appeal through the application of flexible travel policies, including not requiring visitors to quarantine or get tested for COVID, along with the rapid reopening of restaurants and cafes. bars and entertainment venues.

    Besides, the introduction of new and attractive locations such as Rawa, Mabul or new amusement parks such as Genting SkyWorlds also greatly contributes to attracting tourists. In addition, Malaysia also focuses on developing MICE tourism, to expand opportunities for both tourists and businesses.

    Malaysia has successfully embraced the trend of rapid tourism recovery after the pandemic, thanks to policy flexibility, diversity of tourism products and the ability to attract international tourists. Thereby, Malaysia not only affirms its position in the region but also on the world tourism map, thereby opening a new chapter for the country’s tourism industry in 2024 and the following years.

The reason for the increase in tourist numbers in Malaysia

    Rawa Island possesses blue water

    The globalization

    Some of Malaysia’s tourism success factors include:

    Comfortable, no quarantine or Covid-19 testing required

    Malaysia has implemented a flexible and comfortable opening policy to welcome international visitors, not requiring quarantine or Covid-19 testing for visitors upon entry. This decision has made an important contribution to the rapid recovery of Malaysia’s tourism industry, while also making this country an attractive destination in the context of the global epidemic. This advantage both increases the number of tourists and strengthens Malaysia’s position as one of Southeast Asia’s leading countries in tourism.

    Restaurants and bars are open with flexible hours

    Along with the relaxed entry policy, Malaysia has also reopened restaurants and bars with flexible operating hours, to bring convenience and comfort to visitors. This not only helps stimulate domestic consumption but also increases the rich travel experience for international tourists. This shows that Malaysia not only focuses on attracting tourists but also strives to provide diverse and quality tourism experiences.

    Open tourism policy in Malaysia

    Malaysia has been reopening restaurants and bars with flexible operating hours

    Malaysia’s relaxed and flexible opening policy has played an important role in attracting international visitors, especially from key markets such as China, Singapore, and Indonesia. The convenience of the immigration process, along with the reopening of entertainment venues, has created an attractive Malaysian tourism picture, reflected in the outstanding growth in international visitors by 2023. This not only contributes to the recovery of the tourism industry but also strengthens Malaysia’s position as a leading regional and global tourism hub.

    Attractive destination

    Natural and pristine tourist areas 

    Malaysia is a country famous for its natural and pristine beauty, so it continues to become a top attractive destination for those who love to explore nature. From azure island waters like Rawa and Mabul to natural wonders like Mount Kinabalu and Mulu National Park, the country offers a range of unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

Natural and pristine tourist area in Malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu is considered the roof of Southeast Asia

    In particular, the pristine islands in this country not only provide a peaceful and quiet space but also opportunities for tourists to get close to nature and local culture.

    New projects open

    Malaysia is constantly improving and expanding its tourism infrastructure with the introduction of new entertainment and resort projects such as: Genting SkyWorld – a brand new amusement park, Merdeka 118 – the second tallest tower in the world, Sunway Resort – a newly renovated luxury resort, and Desaru Coast – a newly opened coastal resort. All these entertainment places have quickly become favorite destinations for international and local tourists. Because these projects not only enhance Malaysia’s image on the international tourism map but also provide unique experiences for each visitor.

    New constructions open in Malaysia

    Merdeka 118 – The second tallest tower in the world

    New tourist attractions

    To attract tourists, Malaysia continuously introduces new tourist destinations such as: Rawa island with smooth white beaches and clear sea water, or Mabul – a famous place with floating houses and a great scuba diving spot, or maybe Sky Mirror – where the sky is reflected creating a magical landscape, and Pink Mosque – which possesses unique architecture, all of which have created a diverse picture of Malaysian tourism.

    New tourist destinations in Malaysia

    Pink Mosque possesses unique architecture

    Challenge and opportunity

    Challenge: Facing labor shortage in the tourism industry

    The rapid growth of Malaysia’s tourism industry has led to a labor shortage, with an estimated shortage of 15 – 20,000 employees in the industry. This situation poses a significant challenge in maintaining service quality and tourist experience, and requires special attention from the government and tourism businesses in recruiting and training staff. the.

    Opportunity: Develop and expand the tourism industry

    Despite facing the above challenges, Malaysia’s tourism industry also faces many opportunities for development and expansion. With constantly updating and introducing new tourism products along with a flexible opening policy, Malaysia is attracting a large number of international tourists. The diversity of tourism products, from nature to culture and entertainment, all open the door to sustainable development, while attracting investment and improving infrastructure, as well as promising a The future is bright for Malaysian tourism.

    Challenges and opportunities in the tourism industry in Malaysia

    The rapid growth of Malaysia’s tourism industry opens up many opportunities and challenges

    Ending an impressive 2023, Malaysia has firmly affirmed its position as a destination not to be missed on the international tourism map. The strong growth forecast for the tourism industry in 2024 is not only the result of flexibility and innovation in the open-door policy but also reflects the country’s diverse and rich appeal. By taking advantage of challenges into opportunities, Malaysia not only emerges as one of the leading countries in tourism growth in Southeast Asia but also lays a solid foundation for sustainable development in the future.

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