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    February, 2024

    List Of Top 10 Reputable Real Estate Investors In Vietnam

    Real estate is one of the fields that many people are interested in today. To keep pace with this trend, many Vietnamese investors have been expanding and developing, increasing the value of real estate segments to meet the needs of customers and investors. In the article below, SkyWorld Vietnam will introduce to you a list of reputable investors – “artists” with a series of outstanding and impressive real estate “works”.

    SkyWorld Vietnam

    SkyWorld Việt Nam là chủ đầu tư uy tín hàng đầu với dự án sắp triển khai tại Quận 8

    An indispensable name in this list, SkyWorld Vietnam or SkyWorld Development Company Limited is known as one of the reputable apartment investors in Ho Chi Minh City. This real estate developer is owned by SkyWorld Development Berhad – a real estate giant from Malaysia. During more than 15 years of operation since 2008, SkyWorld has always aimed for an ideal, classy home and brought a modern, sustainable lifestyle expressed through its projects.

    After successfully acquiring 100% of the shares of Thuan Thanh Real Estate Joint Stock Company, SkyWorld Vietnam will develop a 24-storey luxury apartment project in District 8. , Ho Chi Minh City. This project is of interest to many customers and investors thanks to its prime location, impressive design and reputation of the investor.

    Nam Long Investment Corporation

    Nam Long Group is a famous corporation in the field of integrated real estate development with more than 31 years of experience and proud achievements. This investor is known for its diversity in three key product lines: Ehome, Flora and Valora, and has implemented many notable urban projects such as Mizuki Park, Akari City, Waterpoint and Izumi City. Nam Long’s special feature lies not only in focusing on project development but also in creating additional value through meticulous planning, focusing on infrastructure investment and building close cooperative relationships. closely with financially strong partners.

    Kien A Corporation

    Ấn tượng với phong cách thiết kế của chủ đầu tư Kiên Á

    Officially established in 1994, Kien A is a reputable Vietnamese investor, affirming its position in the real estate sector. With constant creativity, enthusiasm and effort, this investor always brings groundbreaking projects, creating the best living culture for residents. Besides, through sustainable investment, Kien A brings customers and investors peace of mind and long-term development potential.


    Vinhomes is a leading brand in the real estate sector owned by VinGroup. Officially entering the real estate market in 2008, this investor is known as a leading unit, constantly innovating and applying the most modern urban models, bringing international living standards. in each project, such as: Vinhomes Grand Park, Vinhomes Central Park, Royal City, Vinhomes Ocean Park,… Each project, no matter its location, makes its mark and has a great influence in the community. copper.

    An Gia

    An Gia is a Vietnamese investor established in 2008 with its beginnings as a real estate service provider. By 2014, this real estate developer officially switched to investing and developing housing and apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City. In each project, An Gia not only sees it as a project but also considers it as its own nest and devotes all its efforts to building it. During its operation, this investor has achieved impressive achievements through outstanding projects such as: The Garden, The Star Riverside, Skyline, Sky89,…

    Khang Dien

    Khang Dien is the next name to appear in the list of reputable apartment investors in Ho Chi Minh City. During nearly 23 years of operation, Khang Dien has made a prominent mark on the real estate market, especially in the East Saigon area. With the goal of bringing the best real estate products with professional services to customers, this investor constantly strives and strives through leading projects such as: River Town, Mega Ruby, Mega Residence , Jamila, Lovera Vista, Verosa Park,…

    Phat Dat

    Phat Dat Real Estate Business and Services Joint Stock Company, a member of Phat Dat Group – a multi-industry business group, is increasingly strengthening its position in the Vietnamese real estate market. Phat Dat Group has implemented a series of real estate projects from North to South such as Ky Co GateWay Urban Area, Nhon Hoi New City Urban Area, Astral City luxury complex, Millennium luxury apartments, The EverRich ,…

    Ha Do Group

    Đẳng cấp phong cách sống tại dự án của Hà Đô

    Ha Do Group is one of the leading Vietnamese investors in the real estate sector. Officially in operation since 1990, the group has always gradually improved the quality of works, service quality and business strategy. With the slogan “Customers are the inspiration of all creativity”, Ha Do constantly strives to understand and meet customer needs, bringing experiences and dreams of a comfortable and prosperous life. . Typical projects of this investor include: Bao Dai Resort, Hado Centrosa Garden, Dich Vong New Urban Area,…

    Đat Xanh Group

    Dat Xanh Group was established in 2003, headed by Mr. Luong Tri Thin, and has quickly risen to become one of the leading reputable Vietnamese investors in the real estate sector. With its predecessor being Dat Xanh Real Estate Services and Construction Company Limited, this group has continuously brought superior real estate products such as: Lux Garden, Opal Skyview, Lux City, Opal Riverside, Gem Riverside, …This real estate developer has also actively contributed to the change in stature, quality and appearance of urban areas in Vietnam.


    Novaland là cái tên quen thuộc trong danh sách chủ đầu tư nổi tiếng Việt Nam

    Closing the list of reputable Vietnamese investors is the Novaland brand with more than 30 years of operating experience. With the motto “Creating sustainable value”, in addition to providing high quality real estate products and diverse services, Novaland also focuses on environmental protection, community development and improvement. life quality. Famous projects that made a name for this real estate developer include: The Sun Avenue, Gold Mansion, Lexington Residence, Aqua City, Novaworld, Marina City,…

    Above is a list of Top 10 famous and reputable Vietnamese investors. Projects carried out by these real estate developers are chosen by many investors and trusted by customers. To update the latest information on domestic and foreign real estate, follow SkyWorld today.

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