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    February, 2024

    District 8 Real Estate Market and The Appearance of SkyWorld Vietnam

    Currently, real estate is one of the fields with great influence in Vietnam, especially the real estate market in District 8. Many investors have been and are planning to develop projects in This area, including SkyWorld Vietnam with a luxury apartment project about to land in Ho Chi Minh City. Please follow the article below to learn more about the investor SkyWorld Vietnam as well as this first super project.

    Overview of District 8 real estate market

    Tình hình thị trường bất động sản quận 8 hiện nay

    The combination of favorable infrastructure and natural conditions has helped District 8 become the focus of attention of many investors and customers. In particular, the planning of Metro Line No. 5 and Metro Monorail No. 2 helps residents easily move and connect with the city’s central area.

    The real estate market in District 8 is becoming increasingly vibrant with the appearance of many new projects, bringing many opportunities and development potential to this area. Outstanding projects include SkyWorld Vietnam’s luxury apartment project, Tara Residence project, Saigon Skyview project,… This contributes to creating a vibrant, integrated residential community. with a diverse system of external amenities from schools, hospitals to supermarkets, shopping centers, and entertainment areas.

    Highlights of the investor SkyWorld Vietnam

    Phong cách thiết kế có sự kết hợp giữa hiện đại và không gian xanh

    SkyWorld Vietnam, also known by its full name, SkyWorld Development (Vietnam) Company Limited, is owned by SkyWorld Development Berhad – Malaysia’s leading prestigious high-end real estate company. Officially established in 2008 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, SkyWorld not only focuses on building high-class buildings but also contributes to sustainable development and social commitment.

    SkyWorld constantly strives to apply new technologies and creative ideas to its projects. Famous masterpieces created by this investor include:

    • SkyArena: This is a diverse urban complex with comfortable living space and full amenities. With a prime location and convenient traffic connections, the project has attracted many customers and real estate investors.
    • SkyMeridien: With the perfect combination of modern design and green space, SkyMeridien brings sophistication and class in every detail. A full system of amenities such as swimming pool, park, amusement park,… promises to be an ideal place to settle for homeowners, suitable for those who want to experience a comfortable urban life.
    • SkyLuxe On The Park: Located in a green park space, the project is not only a luxurious home but also a symbol of the perfect combination of contemporary architectural style and the cool, airy nature of the city. green nature.

    SkyWorld Vietnam’s first project – real estate in District 8

    Chủ đầu tư SkyWorld Malaysia

    The real estate market in District 8 is currently becoming one of the focal points attracting many interested developers, investors as well as customers. Keeping up with this trend, investor SkyWorld Vietnam has officially brought a new “breath” with a luxury apartment project, enhancing classy urban life in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Let’s take a look at the latest information about this first project.

    Project overview

    On September 7, 2023, the media reported on the impressive start of investor SkyWorld Vietnam. Accordingly, the SkyWorld Board of Directors at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia headquarters announced that SkyWorld Vietnam company has successfully acquired 100% of the shares of Thuan Thanh Real Estate Trading and Production Joint Stock Company. with a total value of up to 350 billion VND. This marked an important step in SkyWorld’s development strategy in the Vietnamese market, laying the foundation for promising high-end apartment projects. This deal has proven this investor’s commitment to bringing quality, modern living space of urban stature to the Vietnamese community in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular.

    The “golden” connection position

    SkyWorld Vietnam’s project is located in a prime location with highly appreciated connection and circulation potential. This is also an area with high development potential in the future with an external utility system that is gradually being completed and more diverse. With this advantage, residents at the project can easily move to the city center and more conveniently connect to famous locations. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the advantage of connecting with Vo Van Kiet route – the main artery connecting the west of the city with the central area.

    Impressive design and scale

    Dự án căn hộ cao cấp tại quận 8 TPHCM

    Built on a land fund of 5,206 square meters, the project will include a 24-storey luxury apartment tower. Classy, modern design style will be carefully crafted by the investor into each apartment to provide residents with the most comfortable and wonderful living space. The luxury apartments at the project are designed with many different areas to meet the diverse needs of residents, suitable for all types of homeowners. For previous projects, SkyWorld has always focused on the balance between green and luxury living. Following that success, the project in District 8 developed by SkyWorld Vietnam will certainly not disappoint investors and customers.

    Diverse and complete amenities

    SkyWorld hướng đến một cuộc sống đầy đủ, trọn vẹn

    Investor SkyWorld always focuses on providing residents with a wonderful home, an ideal place to live with a classy lifestyle. This can be demonstrated through this investor’s previous real estate projects in Malaysia. Besides the unique design style, SkyWorld also pays special attention to the high-class utility system. A series of internal amenities integrated into the projects include an infinity pool, herb garden, sports room, party area, co-working room, etc. These amenities contribute to enhancing the quality of the area. High quality of life for residents, bringing comfort, creating a relaxing space to help regenerate energy effectively.

    Above is general information about real estate investor SkyWorld Vietnam and the luxury apartment project about to be implemented in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a milestone marking the impressive appearance of SkyWorld in the District 8 real estate market. If you want more information about the investor or detailed information about this classy project, please contact us. with SkyWorld Vietnam for the fastest and most accurate support.

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