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    January, 2024

    SkyWorld Launched Horror Campaign

    On 31 October 2019, SkyWorld believes creativity is a key differentiator for the success of a campaign. This year, SkyWorld takes a creative approach to roll out its ‘Quality’ campaign. SkyWorld has released short videos titled ‘Horror Stories of New Homes’ in conjunction with the Halloween Festival. These videos were created to boost awareness on the importance of knowing what are house defects while encouraging homeowners to join SkyWorld Quality Tour to learn about the quality of certified workmanship in Malaysia.

    According to Mr. Lee Chee Seng, Chief Operating Officer of SkyWorld Development Group, house defects is a common topic shared by most homeowners but the biggest challenge is how to make this topic interesting so homeowners are keen to learn more about it. “The idea of making these horror stories was to enlighten new homeowners of the nightmares that will haunt them due to poor workmanship. We wanted to use horror stories that relates back to defects found in newly built homes to evoke a sense of scariness and worry so that homeowners are mindful of the impacts.” shared Lee.

    The storyline of these videos is about a family who is haunted by a series of mysterious occurrences after they have moved into their new home. The stories depict some of the metaphoric examples of the common defects such as leakages, popping tiles and wall cracks. Click here to view the video:

    “There are many homeowners who do not know what defects to look out for when getting keys to their new homes because they are lack of knowledge on house defects or they are over excited to renovate their new homes. House defects are common but checking for defects is a step that is always taken lightly. We hope these videos will induce some mystery feel and create curiosity to get homeowners wanting to know more about house defects and how to detect it. We want to encourage especially new homeowners to join the Quality tour to learn to identify house defects before it’s too late or the problems will come to you and it can be horrible” added Lee.

    SkyWorld believes in building responsibly and delivering a quality sky living experience in a sustainable environment. It is for that reason SkyWorld has invested in the first-of-its-kind Quality Centre in Malaysia as an epitome of SkyWorld’s Quality pledge to its purchasers and public. This centre also serves as a sharing hub to educate homeowners on the quality compliant workmanship in Malaysia and to be aware of their rights and responsibilities as homeowners. Last year, SkyWorld Quality Centre opened its door to the public and since then, more than 2,000 participants have benefited from the tour.

    SkyWorld Quality Centre is open to anyone who wants to learn the difference between the quality compliant standards and non-compliant standards. All tours are strictly by appointment. To join SkyWorld Quality Tour, kindly register your interest at for more details.


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