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    January, 2024

    SkyWorld Is 3-Time Best Employer Malaysia

    On 13 November 2019, SkyWorld brings home the Best Employer Malaysia 2019 Award presented by Kincentric, previously known as AON Hewitt at the award ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The event was officiated by M. Kulasegaran, Minister of Human Resource. This is SkyWorld’s third recognition as one of the best workplace to work for. The organization has previously won Special Recognition Award for Gen-Y in 2017 and Best Employer Malaysia in 2018.

    Datuk Ng Thien Phing, Founder and Group Managing Director of SkyWorld Development Group shared “We are extremely proud and happy for this recognition and this is a success worth celebrating. Best Employer is not you who said you are the best, it is your employees who confirmed this achievement therefore I would like to share this award with all SkyRians who have always uphold our core values and supported our initiatives.”

    According to Ng, strong core values are very important as they support the company’s vision and help shape its culture. “It is a force to guide everyone moving towards the same direction therefore we work very hard, putting our core values into practice. SkyWorld’s core values are very simple and straightforward. ‘Dare To Lead’ is one of the core values that helps to groom leaders. This is supported by one of our policy ‘Bottom-Up decision-making’ where it helps to develop and train our employees to make sound decision. Our ‘Let’s Talk’ bridges the communication gaps between higher and lower levels and we practice ‘2-Tier Management’. This policy allows middle and senior management to have free access to all levels of employees to discuss work processes and the executive level are given the opportunity to work directly with the middle or senior management for their work tasks. Creating a culture of ‘Accountability and Responsibility’ is one of the keys to promote our last core value ‘Get It Done’. We want our employees to take ownership at work as it will promote higher performance.” said Ng.

    Generally, SkyWorld is made up of 65% Generation-Y. Ng shared that Generation-Y employees want to be heard and valued therefore paying attention to their needs and wants is very important. It is a challenging task to ensure a high level of employee engagement to keep everyone motivated. With that in mind, SkyWorld has a strong employee value proposition ‘SkyWorld, an exceptional workplace experience’ to attract and retain talents. Ng reminded that employees are company’s greatest assets and his team will continue to find ways to foster strong employee engagement to promote a happy workplace.


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