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    January, 2024

    SkyVogue Residences In Taman Desa Achieves 95% Take-Up

    On 1 March 2022, SkyWorld first foray into the established Taman Desa vicinity saw an impressive 95% take-up since its launch in March 2021. This not only proves that SkyVogue Residences is an excellent property, but it also reflects the aspiration of property purchasers that are still looking for quality homes developed in areas close to the city centre.

    SkyVogue in Taman Desa is built within an enclave away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This understated architecture features a sky living blueprint of 333 units vertically arranged components that caters to two main types of key purchasers; those looking for excellent multi-generational homes as well as exceptional investments to generate income. The modern minimalist residence is crafted with its future occupants in thought while remaining sustainable. SkyVogue placed much weightage to recreate the biodiversity of the original site through its grand entrance statement dubbed “The Forest”. The said green lung of the property occupies 10% of its total acreage that provides its future residents an ambience of tranquillity in the wilderness. The extensive use of local tropical plants and tree species throughout the entire landscaped areas helps the improvement of air quality not to mention, substantial noise reduction while reducing the urban heat island effect.

    SkyVogue is said to be a future-proof residence. Even before the pandemic, SkyWorld foresaw there is an increased need for technological enhancements that should be adopted to keep the premises of a property hygienic and safe and as a result, boost the health and wellbeing of all occupants.

    SkyWorld’s CEO, Mr Lee Chee Seng said “SkyWorld is here to ‘Make living better’. We have implemented multiple enhancements to ensure the wellbeing of our future residents such as the Destination Control Management System (DCMS), Seamless Mobile Access System (SMAS) as well as the Automated Waste Management System (AWCS). SkyVogue is the first residential project to implement an efficient elevator destination control system that ensures people with the same destination floors are grouped together to optimise passenger flow that results in shorter transit times. This system also enables residents to call the elevator to their programmed floor. SMAS offers residents the access of multiple areas within the property without the need of a physical access card that will omit the requirement for residents to touch common surfaces which can be greatly crucial for keeping unwanted viruses at bay especially during this crucial time. AWCS on the other hand is an effective rubbish disposal method, where waste are transported at high speed, from waste chutes into a sealed container located away from the residence. This system eliminates pest infestations that usually take place in the waste storage area that would ultimately result in cleaner and healthier surroundings.”

    As at Feb 28, 2022, SkyWorld has an unbilled sales of RM1.3 billion and the company is gearing up for RM2 billion new launches for year 2022 in distinctive locations such as Cheras, Taman Desa Melawati, Taman Setiawangsa and Setapak.


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