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    June, 2024

    SkyAwani 5 Residences Sets New Standards for “Residensi Wilayah”

    SkyWorld Development Berhad has set a remarkable milestone in Malaysia’s real estate sector with the SkyAwani 5 Residences project in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. This project is not just a typical apartment complex but a symbol of innovation and exceptional quality in the affordable housing segment.

    At an event, Yang Berhomat Dr. Zaliha Binti Mustafa, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Federal Territories, handed over keys to the fortunate residents. This moment marked not only the beginning of a new life but also a vivid testament to SkyWorld’s unique vision – where the dream of owning high-quality homes is no longer distant for first-time buyers.

    Key Handover Ceremony for SkyAwani 5 Residences Residents

    Key Handover Ceremony for SkyAwani 5 Residences Residents

    SkyAwani 5 Residences made waves in the construction industry by achieving an impressive QLASSIC score of 84% and a 5-star SHASSIC rating from the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). This QLASSIC score is not only high but the highest in the nation for the affordable housing segment, a feat many previously thought unattainable. This is clear proof that SkyWorld not only meets but surpasses industry standards, affirming that quality and safety are not exclusive to high-end projects.

    Situated on a 2.06-acre plot in Sentul, SkyAwani 5 Residences is the fifth installment in SkyWorld’s renowned property series. Part of the pioneering Residensi Wilayah program, this project addresses the urgent housing needs in the capital. With a total development value of RM 188 million, the project is not only a significant investment in urban infrastructure but also a symbol of SkyWorld’s commitment to building sustainable communities.

    Each of the 615 apartments in the 36-story tower offers a spacious 800 square feet of living space, a significant size in the affordable segment. Remarkably, the price is set at only RM 300,000 per apartment, an amount accessible to many young people and middle-income families in Kuala Lumpur. This is not about compromising quality for a low price but the result of creativity and efficiency in design and construction.

    SkyAwani 5 Residences is not just about quality living space; it’s about redefining the lifestyle in the affordable housing segment. With over 30 premium amenities, this project breaks the stereotype that only residential areas above RM 500,000 offer such facilities. Notably, SkyAwani 5 Residences made history as the first affordable housing project to introduce an EV Charging Station, demonstrating SkyWorld’s pioneering commitment to building a low-carbon city.

    Datuk Seri Ng Thien Phing, Founder and Executive Chairman of SkyWorld, affirmed that this success is not by chance. “We deeply believe that every Malaysian, regardless of income, deserves a high-quality home,” he shared. This belief is reflected in the strict adherence to QLASSIC and SHASSIC standards for all 6,236 apartments in the SkyAwani series.

    The three pillars of the SkyWorld brand – “Integrated SkyLiving Experience,” “Value Creation,” and “Innovation in a Sustainable Environment” – are not just slogans but guiding principles for each project. SkyAwani 5 Residences is a prime example of this, where high-quality, affordable living and sustainability blend perfectly.

    The success of SkyAwani 5 Residences is not only a great pride for SkyWorld but also marks a groundbreaking turning point for Malaysia’s entire real estate industry. This project clearly demonstrates that, with a correct strategic vision, continuous innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality, real estate developers can provide affordable homes that meet and even exceed the stringent standards of high-end projects.

    This opens up opportunities for many citizens to own homes and sets a new benchmark for future projects, promoting sustainable and balanced development in the highly competitive real estate market. SkyAwani 5 Residences has proven that creativity and dedication can bring exceptional practical value, enhancing the quality of life for residents and driving strong growth for Malaysia’s real estate industry.

    SkyAwani 5 Residences – A Premium Residential Complex in SkyWorld's Affordable Housing Series

    SkyAwani 5 Residences – A Premium Residential Complex in SkyWorld’s Affordable Housing Series

    Moreover, SkyAwani 5 Residences is playing a crucial role in reshaping Kuala Lumpur’s urban landscape. In a city where the divide between rich and poor is increasingly stark, this project stands out as a vital bridge, offering people from all social strata the opportunity to access and enjoy a quality life. SkyAwani 5 Residences goes beyond providing a place to live; it creates a diverse and vibrant community where young families, office workers, and recent graduates can blend in and build a bright future together.

    The project cleverly combines modern design and full amenities, creating an ideal living environment both materially and spiritually, encouraging engagement and cooperation among residents. In this way, SkyAwani 5 Residences not only transforms the face of Kuala Lumpur but also promotes sustainable and comprehensive development for the community, bringing hope and motivation to those seeking a premium apartment in this vibrant city.

    Overall, SkyAwani 5 Residence is a proud achievement of SkyWorld in the Residensi Wilayah program, clearly demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing high-quality homes at affordable prices. This project not only meets the housing needs of residents but also contributes to improving the quality of life and building a sustainable community in Kuala Lumpur. SkyWorld is affirming itself as a reliable and pioneering real estate developer in creating new values for the construction industry.


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