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    April, 2024

    Top 10 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur You Should Visit

    When visiting Kuala Lumpur, visitors should not miss Chinatown, which contains a unique area that reflects Chinese culture in the heart of Malaysia with delicious dishes from around the world that make everyone fall in love. The following is a list of the top 10 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur compiled by Skyworld in Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur City Center.

    Restoran Yut Kee

    Restoran Yut Kee

    Established in 1928, Restoran Yut Kee – a culinary icon in Kuala Lumpur with a 95-year history is proud to be one of the oldest restaurants here and has become an indispensable breakfast meeting place for everyone. locals and tourists.

    This restaurant is famous for traditional Hainanese dishes such as toast with soft-boiled eggs, Hainanese chicken ribs, and Roti Babi. In particular, Hainanese noodles with large, shiny golden noodles are an experience not to be missed.

    Luck Bros Kopi

    Luck Bros Kopi

    Every sip of coffee at Luck Bros Kopi is an unforgettable experience for visitors coming here. The highlight of the shop is the unique coffee collection from five famous states of Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor, and Penang. Each type has a distinct flavor; from the strong bitterness of Penang and Johor to the perfect milk-to-coffee ratio of Kuala Lumpur.

    Not only coffee, santan rice here is also a great choice with a combination of sweet and moderately spicy sambal sauce. Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam – a delicious curry chicken dish with tender chicken in a rich curry sauce – is one of the top choices.

    Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles

    Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles

    If you are a beef noodle lover, you definitely cannot miss Shin Kee Beef Noodles. This restaurant is located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and is easily recognizable for its long queues at lunchtime.

    You can choose between a bowl of crispy dry noodles topped with minced beef or a delicious bowl of soup noodles with soft beef. The distinctive flavors of the broth, noodles, and beef will make you understand why Shin Kee Beef Noodles has survived over the years and become one of the local favorites.

    Restoran Pik Wah

    Restoran Pik Wah

    Restoran Pik Wah, a “culinary secret” in Malaysia, is truly a must-see destination for those who love authentic Chinese cuisine. When you step into Restoran Pik Wah, you will immediately feel the cozy atmosphere and warm hospitality of this place. The first thing that attracts you is definitely the fragrant smell of roasted duck, one of the most famous dishes here. Not only roast duck, their menu is also diverse with dishes such as stir-fried cabbage or abalone soup, all of which retain the traditional and “authentic” flavor.

    To fully experience it, you should remember to make a reservation in advance because Restoran Pik Wah always attracts a large number of diners, especially on weekends. The combination of traditional space and exquisite dishes will make any diner surprised and satisfied.

    Ho Kow Hainan Kopitiam Restaurant

    Ho Kow Hainan Kopitiam is a must-see destination for those who love the taste of traditional Hainanese breakfast. Coming here, you need to get up early to line up to get a number, because the shop is located right near the tourist area so it is always crowded with customers.

    Quán Ho Kow Hainan Kopitiam

    With a diverse menu, Ho Kow Kopitiam offers diners rich choices for breakfast or lunch. Ordering food becomes easier for foreign visitors with the menu presented vividly with images. Here, you can enjoy traditional Nanyang coffee, toast with soft-boiled eggs, and local specialties.

    In addition, the restaurant also has noodle and rice dishes with typical Malaysian flavors such as nasi lemak with fried chicken feet, Nyonya kuih, and traditional Hainanese cakes such as croissants. Coffee at Ho Kow is known for its delicious, rich flavor and can be enjoyed hot or cold. The Hainanese bread at the restaurant is the perfect combination of butter and kaya, bringing an unforgettable culinary experience.



    If you are looking for a post-meal dessert experience, Dipndip at Pavilion Mall would be a great choice. This is the ideal destination for those who love chocolate, with a diverse menu from sweet chocolate crepes to traditional Belgian hot chocolate.

    Chocolate-covered crepes are the signature dish here, you can feel the perfect balance between sweet and bitter. However, the combination of crepes, brownies, and fruit will impress more with its harmonious flavors and will not make diners who do not have a sweet tooth feel bored.

    Chacha KL food store

    The store has an open and airy space surrounded by green ornamental plants, creating a nature-friendly space. This place also has a part decorated with classic and modern styles, soft neon lights bring a cozy feeling.

    Chacha KL

    The restaurant’s menu is mainly Chinese dishes and local specialties, accompanied by imported tea, coffee, and wine. However, Chinese pesto flat noodles and duck rice are the two most popular dishes at this restaurant with their distinctive flavors and delicate ingredient combinations.

    Precious Old China

    Not only does it have a prime location that easily attracts everyone’s attention, but Precious Old China also makes a strong impression with its modern design mixed with traditional features. From tables and chairs to walls, every interior detail is meticulously cared for, giving the feeling of being lost in the lively space of an old Chinese restaurant.

    The highlight of this restaurant is the rich Peranakan menu, a harmonious combination of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. Dishes such as jiu hu char, fish head curry or pucuk paku belacan are not only delicious but also reflect the essence of local culinary culture. In particular, sago gula Melaka – a widely loved dessert, is a testament to the creativity and talent in each dish at the restaurant.

    Precious Old China

    With the space divided into three separate areas including two food areas and a bar, customers can comfortably enjoy their meals without worrying about being disturbed. Whether you are a foodie or just starting to explore Peranakan cuisine, the enthusiastic staff will be happy to guide you on how to enjoy the dishes in the best style.

    Cafe Cafe

    Located at Jalan Maharajalela, right next to Bank Simpanan Nasional and opposite Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, this restaurant is recognized with many prestigious awards and a unique menu that blends French-Italian classics and sophistication. modern.

    Cafe Cafe

    When entering, visitors will be immersed in the attractive architectural space, as if they have wandered into beautiful Paris. Every detail from gentle candlelight, and melodious French music, to gorgeous chandeliers and iridescent crystal decorations contributes to creating a romantic atmosphere, perfect for couples. The cafe’s menu is a fusion of traditional and modern French-Italian dishes, from duck confit to escargots, honey king prawns, chocolate tarts, and tiramisu – each dish offers an experience of unforgettable cuisine.

    Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

    Purple Cane Tea is a restaurant chain with branches located in Chinatown, Mid Valley Megamall,  and Shaw Center in Pudu. The restaurant has a modern style, similar to fast food chains such as KFC or McDonald’s. Although the space is not too large, it is fully equipped with amenities, creating a comfortable feeling for tourists.

    The restaurant’s menu has a harmonious blend of dishes and tea, with special combos such as chicken soup simmered in ginseng tea and beef simmered in lychee tea. The charming space along with friendly, attentive service has contributed to Purple Cane Tea’s reputation.

    Purple Cane Tea

    Hopefully, this list will be a source of inspiration for your culinary exploration in Kuala Lumpur. Don’t forget to share with us your wonderful experiences at these restaurants, or if you have other favorite culinary addresses here, please leave a comment below. Wishing you moments of truly enjoyable and memorable culinary enjoyment!

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