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    March, 2024

    Learn about Beliefs and Religions in Malaysia

    In addition to being famous for its architecture and bustling entertainment areas, Malaysia is also a country with a variety of cultures and religious beliefs, attracting a large number of tourists to explore. In particular, religions in Malaysia is an important foundation that reflects integration, creating a uniquely colorful cultural space. So what are the beliefs of Malaysians? Let’s find out with SkyWorld through the article below!

    Some typical features of Malaysian culture

    Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a promising tourist destination for Vietnamese tourists. From nature, architecture to cuisine, Malaysia impresses foreign tourists in its own way. Let’s start the journey with SkyWorld to discover some unique cultural and religious features in Malaysia right away!

    The convergence of religious pluralism in Malaysia

    Malaysia is diverse in religious beliefs

    Malaysia is diverse in culture and religious beliefs

    Malaysia is a country famous for its diversity of religions and unique cultures, contributing to increasing its appeal in the eyes of tourists. Dubbed the “Pearl of Southeast Asia”, Malaysia is a harmonious combination of traditional and modern values, from architecture, customs, culture, tourism to religious beliefs.

    The most popular religious in Malaysia is Islam, accounting for more than 61%. Therefore, this belief will also greatly affect life, education and even politics.

    Greeting culture in Malaysia

    Normally, Malaysians will greet each other by touching their chest with their hands. This is a common way of greeting to show respect to the other person. Therefore, when traveling here, tourists can apply this greeting to local people.

    Greetings in Malaysia

    Malaysians greet each other by touching their chest with their hands

    To truly experience the greeting culture in Malaysia, visitors can consider the following notes:

    • If the tourist is female, priority will be given to being introduced first.
    • If you want to get to know Malaysian women, you should wait for them to proactively raise their hands first before shaking hands.
    • In case they do not raise their hand first, visitors just need to smile slightly and say goodbye.
    • Just like Vietnam, tourists should bow when meeting elders.

    Food culture in Malaysia

    Cuisine in Malaysia

    The cuisine is rich in Malaysia

    On the journey to explore religious in Malaysia, visitors should not miss the unique cuisine in this country. Influenced by multi-ethnic factors, the cuisine in Malaysia is an intersection, diverse from flavors to preparation methods, giving visitors a unique culinary experience. Some dishes that tourists should not miss when traveling to Malaysia include:

    • Nasi Lemak
    • Nasi Campur
    • Nasi Kandar
    • Air Mata Kucing
    • Roti Canai
    • Char Kway Teow
    • Ikan Bakar
    • Otak Otak
    • Mì Phúc Kiến 

    Festival culture in Malaysia

    Festival in Malaysia

    Malaysia has many famous festivals

    When traveling to Malaysia during the festive season, visitors will be immersed in a joyful and bustling atmosphere everywhere. The festivals authentically depict local people, customs and practices in Malaysia, giving visitors an interesting and memorable experience. Some famous festivals in Malaysia include:

    • Tet holiday
    • Mid-Autumn Festival
    • Vesak Festival
    • Hari Raya Festival
    • Thaipusam Festival
    • Duanwu Festival
    • Deepavali Festival of Lights

    Official language in Malaysia

    Language in Malaysia

    The main language in Malaysia is Malay

    The official language in Malaysia is Malay, which is also the language of the trio of countries Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition, under the current development of culture and tourism, English is also gradually becoming a popular language in Malaysia. Therefore, visitors can fully communicate with local Malaysians to better understand the beliefs and culture in this place.

    Religious beliefs in Malaysia

    Religions in Malaysia reflect the diversity of ethnic groups residing here over time. From there, a colorful religious picture is created, expressed through rituals, festivals, as well as unique religious architecture.


    Islam in Malaysia

    Muslim men wear Songkok

    Islam is the largest religion in Malaysia with nearly ⅔ of the population identifying as Muslim. Therefore, religious beliefs in Malaysia are clearly expressed in many different aspects, from society, education to clothing style.

    For Muslim men, their main style of dress is Songkok (black velvet hat), loose ao dai combined with pants or sarong. Muslim women will use Tudung to cover their hair and wear Abaya costumes when they want to leave the house.


    Buddhism in Malaysia

    Temples worshiping Hindu gods

    Following Islam, Buddhism is also a major religion with many followers. Ranked 2nd in the list of religious beliefs in Malaysia (accounting for 19.8%), visitors will easily encounter solemn temple architecture spread throughout this country. However, if you want to travel to solemn places such as pagodas and temples, you should wear appropriate clothes to show respect.


    Hinduism in Malaysia

    Temples worshiping Hindu gods

    Hinduism (Hindu) is the third largest religion in Malaysia with more than 6.3% of its parishioners, mainly descendants of migrants from Tamil Nadu (India). When traveling to Malaysia, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the worship of Hindu gods. Besides, tourists can also experience many unique Hindu festivals as well as listen to their stories and gods such as Thaipusam, Diwali and Navaratri.


    Christianity in Malaysia

    Christianity has existed in Malaysia since the 7th century

    One of the religions in Malaysia that contributes to the unique character of this place is Christianity. First introduced to Malaysia in the 7th century and evangelized in the 16th century, Malaysia still retains its ancient features imbued with history, such as Christ Church.


    Sikhism in Malaysia

    Recognize Sikhism through the turban

    Sikhism is a religious faith split from Hinduism that focuses on elements such as humility, service, courage and equality. Visitors can recognize the followers of this religion by their turban (also known as “dastar” or “dumalla”).

    Taboos when visiting religious sites in Malaysia

    For a country deeply influenced by religion, respecting rules and etiquette in Malaysia is extremely important. Therefore, before starting the journey to explore this beautiful country, visitors should note a few things:

    • Do not wear shoes into other people’s homes. This is a rude action that should not be done because it will make Malaysians feel uncomfortable.
    • Do not bring shoes into the temple to pray.
    • Do not show affection in public. Malaysians consider this a private matter, they even post “no kissing” signs in all four languages.
    • Do not wear clothes that are too short or too revealing. Especially when tourists visit religious sites in Malaysia.
    • Do not rub other people’s heads or backs when greeting.
    Do not wear shoes when praying at temples in Malaysia

    You should not wear shoes to pray in temples in Malaysia

    Tips for safe travel in Malaysia

    To experience religious tourism in Malaysia to the fullest and safest, visitors can refer to some of the following tips:

    • Avoid calling public taxis because tourists can be charged up to 4 times the price on Grab.
    • Do not get drunk in public places. If you want to enjoy a few glasses of wine, you can visit bars in locations such as Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
    • Do not be too intimate like hugging or kissing when traveling in Malaysia. These are considered inappropriate activities in this country, even if you are a married couple.
    Avoid calling taxis when traveling in Malaysia

    Avoid calling taxis in public places when traveling in Malaysia

    Despite possessing many religious beliefs and strict rules, Malaysia is still an extremely promising and attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Thus, SkyWorld has just provided visitors with detailed information about religions in Malaysia. Hopefully through this article, visitors will have more knowledge and be more prepared to make their trip more memorable.


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