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    April, 2024

    Does Vietnam Need a Visa to Go to Malaysia? 5 Notes When Leaving and Entering Malaysia

    Malaysia, a beautiful country with a diverse culture and majestic natural landscape, is a favorite destination of many Vietnamese tourists. If you are planning a trip from Vietnam to Malaysia, Skyworld will help you answer questions about whether a visa is needed to travel from Vietnam to Malaysia as well as provide some information and notes.

    What documents are needed to travel to Malaysia?

    Documents when traveling to Malaysia

    When moving across international borders, possessing documents and carrying out legal procedures are indispensable steps to ensure compliance with the laws of your destination country. Therefore, understanding and carefully preparing the necessary documents for entry into Malaysia is extremely important. Are you wondering if you need a visa to go to Malaysia or what documents you need to prepare for your trip? We will provide detailed information below to help you know what you need to go to this country. This is a beautiful country.

      • The passport is still valid according to country regulations.
      • Visa: Depending on Malaysia’s policies, some countries may be visa-free like Vietnam, while others require a visa to enter.
      • Return airfare or ticket to another country after leaving Malaysia to prove your plan to leave Malaysia.
      • A detailed plan with destinations, departure, and return dates, if declared, can help customs control your itinerary and prevent illegal stays.
      • Copy of ID card: In case you lose your passport, you can bring a copy to the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia to receive support.
      • Hotel reservation confirmation: Bilingual or English version can be used for a smooth check-in process.
      • Health-related documents required by Malaysia: Vaccination confirmation and COVID-19 test results, should be prepared and written in two languages or English.

    Does Vietnam need a visa to go to Malaysia?

    Vietnam does not need a visa to go to Malaysia

    Many people wonder if they need a visa to go from Vietnam to Malaysia, but the answer is no. Vietnamese tourists who want to go to Malaysia will not need to apply for a visa because Vietnam is in the ASEAN bloc, making it easier for Vietnamese citizens to visit countries in the same bloc as Malaysia.

    Not only Vietnam but also Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Cambodia also benefit from this visa exemption policy, promoting tourism and cultural exchange between countries in the region. To enjoy this benefit, travelers need to ensure that:

      • Passport valid for no less than six months
      • The plan of stay must not exceed 30 days
      • Proof of sufficient finances for your stay in Malaysia

    How to apply for a Malaysian visa

    If you are a person of another nationality or need to stay in Malaysia for more than 30 days, here are some necessary documents and information you need to prepare as well as detailed instructions to help you understand the process. and necessary procedures.

    Malaysia visa issuance address

    Malaysian Embassy in Hanoi

      • Đại sứ quán Malaysia ở Hà Nội: Số 43 – 45, phố Điện Biên Phủ, quận Ba Đình và mở cửa giờ hành chính, trừ 2 ngày cuối tuần.
      • Tổng lãnh sự quán Malaysia tại Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh: Tầng 2102 2104, Toà nhà Mê Linh Point, số 2 Ngô Đức Kế, Quận 1, giờ hoạt động cũng tương tự như đại sứ quán Malaysia Hà Nội.
      • Quy trình xử lý visa thông thường mất khoảng 3 ngày làm việc kể từ ngày nộp hồ sơ.
    • Malaysian Embassy in Hanoi: No. 43 – 45, Dien Bien Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, and open during office hours, except for 2 weekends.
    • Consulate General of Malaysia in Ho Chi Minh City: Floor 2102 2104, Me Linh Point Building, No. 2 Ngo Duc Ke, District 1, operating hours are similar to the Malaysian embassy in Hanoi.
    • Visa processing normally takes about 3 working days from the date of application submission.

    Procedures for applying for a Malaysian visa

    Procedures for applying for a Malaysian visa

    Although Vietnam is among the countries that do not require a visa to enter Malaysia, you still need to complete the visa application procedures if you do not meet the visa exemption conditions. To be granted a visa to Malaysia, you need to prepare the following procedures and documents:

      • Two color portrait photos with a white background measuring 3×6 cm, taken no more than 6 months ago.
      • Tourist visa application form for Malaysia.
      • Documents proving identity include: Identity card/Citizen identification card, Household registration book, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate,…
      • Curriculum vitae with confirmation stamp of local agency.
      • Documents proving financial capacity: Red book, Savings book, ATM card, Bank account statement with a minimum balance of 100 million VND, notarized.
      • Documents proving no violation of residence laws in Malaysia: Confirmation of hotel reservation or rental contract.
      • Detailed schedule of expected activities in Malaysia.
      • Travel insurance contracts are valid for use in Malaysia.

    Immigration experience in Malaysia

    To help you have a smooth trip and the best experience, below are some immigration experiences in Malaysia that you should know to prevent unexpected incidents and can help you handle them more easily.

    When entering Malaysia

    When entering Malaysia

    To enter Malaysia, you need to prepare all legal documents according to the instructions stated in the first section. If these documents are valid, your immigration process in Malaysia will take place quickly and smoothly. Besides, we also want to send you some useful tips for entering this country.

    • Choose clothing that is discreet and appropriate to Malaysia’s Muslim culture.
    • Bring no more than 7,000 USD when entering Malaysia without customs declaration.
    • Do not bring sharp objects, weapons, or stimulants such as drugs.
    • For items worth more than USD, declaration procedures need to be carried out at Malaysian customs.
    • Prepare some basic English sentences to introduce yourself when asked by customs.
    • Print airline tickets, booking confirmations, and trip itineraries for easy customs inspection.
    • You are allowed to bring a maximum of 2 liters of alcohol and no more than 200 cigarettes when boarding the plane.

    Immigration procedures for Malaysia

    Immigration procedures for Malaysia

    When traveling internationally, you will go through both immigration and immigration procedures, and Malaysia is no exception. Exit procedures here are often simpler and quicker than entry procedures. You don’t need to worry about preparing too many documents or complicated procedures. Just complete the necessary procedures and you can leave Malaysia easily.

    What you need to do is present your passport to the customs officer to be allowed to return to your country. However, remember that when exiting Malaysia, you need to pay the exit tax applicable to international flights. The tax rate applicable to passengers departing from Malaysia ranges from 80 to 150 RM.

    Some notes when coming to Malaysia

    Some notes when coming to Malaysia

    When you visit Malaysia, remember that respecting religious customs and beliefs is important. Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, and the country has special rules and beliefs that travelers should adhere to to ensure a smooth trip and respect the local culture.

      • Attire: Prioritize polite clothes, not revealing or too short.
      • Transportation: When using a taxi, choose Chinese drivers who are fluent in English to negotiate better prices.
      • Personal belongings: You should bring your necessary items in case the hotel does not provide enough.

    Hopefully, the article provided by Skyworld has helped you prepare thoroughly and grasp the necessary information as well as answer the question of whether a visa is needed to go to Malaysia or not. This information will help you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Malaysia and enjoy every moment, of discovering the wonderful things this country has to offer.



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