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    SkyWorld is an Established Malaysian city developer, resolutely focused on creating sustainable homes and vibrant community living in high-rise residential, commercial and affordable properties. The Group has persevered by staying true to our vision of being an “always Best City Developer” and purpose to “Make Living Better” for homeowners.
    The Kuala Lumpur property market will remain our key focus, as this portfolio concentration offers a competitive advantage via a deeper understanding of local market dynamics.
    In pursuing new growth opportunities, we strive to expand our foot print to ideal locations beyond Kuala Lumpur’s boundaries. The Group will also be expanding operations to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We aim to acquire its first piece of land there in FY2024.

    Founder & Executive Chairman


    Datuk Seri Ng Thien Phing


    Datuk Seri Ng Thien Phing, a Malaysian born in the year 1975, is the founder and Executive Chairman of SkyWorld Development Group, he leads the formulation of business strategies as well as the setting of the business directions of our Group.

    He set up NTP World Forum Sdn Bhd, a company involved in the provision of corporate training programs, and later co-founded ICT Zone Holding Sdn Bhd and ICT Zone Sdn Bhd, providing ICT solutions to both government and private sectors. In 2020, Datuk Seri Ng was appointed Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman in ICT Zone Asia Bhd, listed on the LEAP Market of Bursa Securities.

    With his extensive experience in managing and developing businesses, he founded SkyWorld Development Sdn Bhd (formerly known as NTP World Development Sdn Bhd) in the year 2006 and subsequently ventured into the property development industry.

    Datuk Seri Ng was one of the founders of The Kuala Lumpur Chinese Assembly Hall (KLCAH) and served as Secretary General until the year 2015. Currently, he serves as the Honorary Advisor of KLCAH and the Chairman of the National Polytechnic Youth Association. He also established NTP World Foundation with the aim of providing resources or education support for underprivileged communities.

    He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Malaysia and a Diploma in Accountancy from the Kota Bharu Polytechnic.

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    Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) Of SkyWorld Group.


    Lee Chee Seng


    Lee Chee Seng, Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of SkyWorld Group.

    Responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of SkyWorld, he first joined SkyWorld as Chief Product Officer, helping lead project designs, execution, and management. Later redesignated as Chief Operating Officer, he was given additional responsibilities and after promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer, responsible for implementing and ensuring efficiency of business strategies.

    On January 2022, he was finally named Chief Executive Officer, a position he currently holds.

    Born in 1972, he graduated with a Bachelor in Business Studies from Charles Sturt University with the HELP University External Programme in April 2004, and after started his career with Zalam Corporation Sdn Bhd for the next 23 years before departing as an Executive Director.

    He is know amongst his peers as an innovative leader with a shrewd mind within the industry due to his extensive exposure with mega project in the past. His strengths lie in improving the workforce by building teamwork, fostering a culture where employees could engage in decision making and encouraged cooperation in pursuing company goals.


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    Vietnam Venture Head

    Brian Ng

    Brian Ng is one of the key personnel in SkyWorld Malaysia and has joined the team as one of the pioneer for near to a decade contributing towards its’ rapid growth of launching more than 12 high-rise projects. His profound understanding of the intricacies of the Real Estate business coupled with a keen awareness of regional nuances in Southeast Asia positioned him to lead SkyWorld’s first overseas venture to Vietnam. He will infuse SkyWorld’s DNA of a city developer into the Vietnamese market to deliver the commitment for the purpose to make living better. His entrepreneurial grit will serve as a driving force, propelling the team to deliver high-quality homes tailored to the preferences of local buyers in Vietnam. Together, we aim to contribute to the real estate landscape by establishing a benchmark for excellence and creating residences that redefine the comfort of city living.

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